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Georgian Beekeepers Union

The Georgian Beekeepers Union is an umbrella organization founded in October 2018 by nine legal (7 sector associations and 2 companies) and nine individual entities.

The number of organizations is still growing.  At the current stage, 13 sector organizations (10 associations and 3 companies) have been already joined to the Union. There are over four thousand beekeepers under the umbrella of the Union throughout Georgia.

The highest governing body of the Union is the Board represented by one person on behalf of each founder and member organization. Founder individual entities are enrolled in the Board with a consultative vote, whereas the right of the vote is only granted to the representatives of legal entities. The number of members of the Board is determined by the number of organizations joined.

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The Georgian Beekeepers

Beekeeping has a long tradition and history in Georgia. According to archaeological materials, honey production dates of 7000 years in Georgia.


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